Re: One more MiniPCB OnStep

Chris Vaughan


I think mine is an EQ5pro mount - as it came with NEMA14 steppers. I bought it second hand and the controller was missing. It has cleaned up nicely, have relubed gears etc and all looked in good condition.
I've got 16T pulleys, but waiting for 40 & 60T pulleys to come. So 2.5 and 3.75:1 possible with this.

I managed to damage one of the steppers that came with the mount (dropped it). So got new steppers (polulo 1209 NEMA14, 200steps, 14.1 ~ 20 Given what Howard says below I'm a bit worried about power. Not so worried about resolution as I'm going to use a short focal length refractor for live imaging (not for beautiful astrophotography). I've also got some NEMA17 400 steppers if above doesn't work.

We shall see what we shall see. Chris

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