locked OnStep STM32 and ESP32 SHC Kits

Khalid Baheyeldin

Hello all,

We are glad to announce that the STM32 Kit can now be ordered from an additional

The STM32 kit was designed by Khalid Baheyeldin and Dave Schwartz. We started
selling kits at near cost, to help fellow astronomers convert mounts to OnStep, while
avoiding the often arduous process of identifying and obtaining the various electronic
components needed.

George Cushing has agreed to stock the kits in the USA, and that makes shipping to
the USA somewhat cheaper than from Canada, and also faster. George provides various
kits, including one that includes all the modules.

Dave Schwartz has been selling kits for many months. He has a limited number of kits,
shipped only as a pair with an ESP32 SHC kit. The SHC kit includes modules but the
STM32 telescope controller kit contains the PCB and infrastructure parts only. For
the STM32 kit, you will need to order the 5 modules, as well as the stepper drivers.
These are available from eBay or AliExpress separately.

The links to the forms/site are under the Ordering section of this page.

Thanks to Dave and George.

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