Re: OnStep version 3

Howard Dutton


The latest OnStep focuser support now includes temperature compensated focusing and the command set was expanded to work in steps (as ASCOM uses) OR microns (as OnStep has done.)  The last round of updates should leave the command set compatible with earlier OnStep's while still having good organization and making sense.  The commands that get/set the position and limits were all in upper case :FG# for example gets the position in microns.  Now :Fg# gets the position in steps.  The :FSnnn# command sets the target in microns.  So :Fsnnn# does the same in steps.  Same for :FR#, :FI#, :FM#, fortunately there were no commands using any of these lower-case letters so I was able to map the new ones cleanly.  Note that each one of these commands in the code acts as four commands, two focusers each in microns or steps (:FG#, :Fg#, :fG#, :fg#, etc.)

I really pushed to keep the code bloat this would otherwise have caused under control.  Total code size is probably a bit smaller now vs. what it was before I did this update so we're not doing too bad :)

Hopefully the INDI driver will be updated to take advantage of these features but probably should still work as-is.

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