Re: Trouble flasing SHC ESP32

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 03:23 PM, Bas Prins wrote:
Hard resetting via RTS pin...

That last line, however, seems a bit ambiguous to me. Did it reset, or was it still resetting?
It resets and exists, so the ESP32 should be reset at this point.

I reflashed Onstep with #define ST4_PULLUP (#define ST4_HAND_CONTROL_ON was already ON).
That is correct. Pullup is needed on the STM32 at least. Perhaps others. What is your OnStep board?

Now, when I connect the SHC to Onstep. The screen stays black and the DEC motor starts to run spontaneously.
This tells me that a pin is sending a guide command that OnStep understands as a guiding for DEC.
Are you sure you have resistor networks on the ST4 port on the OnStep side?
Are you sure you have 5V on the last pin on the ST4 port?

I use a RJ12 Male (6p6c) cable with that was left over from an old telephone. Not sure whether that is what I'm supposed to use.
The cable configuration is straight through. Look carefully using a magnifier and see if you can see wire colours on both connectors

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