Re: Trouble flasing SHC ESP32

Dave Schwartz

The cable is likely the problem. Telephone cables are usually wired crossover while ST4 is straight-through.

As Khalid said, look at the colors of the wire insulation with both connectors oriented exactly the same way... the colors must be in the same order left-to-right. That often means that the printing on the cable is on opposite sides as well (picture below). The order of the colors in my cable is, left-to-right, white, black, red, green, yellow, blue (you can't see the blue because of the angle from which I took the picture).

P.S. You aren't the first to have been unable to flash something by using a non-data cable and you won't be the last. Many manufacturers who let you charge a device from a USB port but the device doesn't exchange data over USB will cheap out and omit the data conductors from the cable they include. Probably saves them pennies per thousand but makes the cable unusable with other things.

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