Re: Affordable Tripod Mounts for Onstep Steps

George Cushing

Really not enough specificity in your inquiry to form an answer. Affordability is in the eyes and ability of the beholder.

It is my impression that the great majority of OnStep implementations are on mounts already owned by their users. These mounts are being adapted to OnStep to replace dead control systems or add goto functionally. I am starting to see want ads for used mounts that have dead electronics. I suspect folks want to bring them back to life with OnStep.

I have been buying dead mounts for years mainly to break them up for parts that are otherwise unobtainable. Not a lot of money in it but I like to help folks in the hobby keep there old mounts working. You'd be surprised how many colleges and universities still use equipment from the '80s & 90s. I just sent a Super C8 drive motor to the RutgersĀ Dept. of Physics & Astronomy for $10. However, I wouldn't bother to implementĀ Onstep on the majority of the mounts I've broken up. It's not that it couldn't be done. It's simply the time and effort are not worth it to ME. If I was some kid in Brazil and did have the choices I have, it may be worth the effort. Particularly when he's looking a 65% tariff on any imported mount. I'm building a STM32 now for such a person who machined most of his mount.

So the short answer to your question is anything from a pile of parts, metal plate and grit to a pre goto AP 1200 and $3500..

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