Question for other G11 owners with Onstep and SHC

John Scherer

I have some confusion about goto rates between Onstep and the SHC.  I'm sure its just my understanding of how things are working, and maybe other G11 owners with onstep can clear things up.

I've got an older Celestron G11 mount with:
  • Onstep MaxPCB2
  • TMC2130 drivers on RA/DEC with VRef = 0.85v
  • Firmware 2.22p
  • DesiredBaseSlewRate = 1
  • Teensy 3.2 Smart Hand Controller with Firmware 1.5f
  • Orential Motor PKP244MD08B on RA/DEC
  • My Config.MaxPCB.h

My understanding is that with DesiredBaseSlewRate = 1, my maximum slew speed could be anything from .5 deg/s to 2 deg/s, based on how I have the Maximum GOTO speed set in the SHC or the Maximum Slew speed on the MaxPCB2 Wifi Configuration page. Is this correct?

Also, on the SHC, the slew rates displayed in the upper left, based on presses of the Fn buttons:
                   1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, then 2x 1x, 4x 1x, 8x 1x, 20x 1x, 48x 1x, 1/2Mx 1x, Max 1x
These rates are somewhat confusing to me and I assumed these were the same as the Maximum Goto Speed (but more selective?) in the setup menu but I'm not sure.

I ask these questions because my results seem odd to me:

Using the SHC:  Goto Speed (in settings/configuration) set to "Default Speed", if I issue a goto from the SHC, the motors start spinning as expected, but then randomly lock up, only unlocking as the goto action gets closer to the end of the movement and the motor slows down.  Its not until I select a Max Goto Speed = "Slowest", that the motors won't lock up during a slewing action.

The results are somewhat different though if I do a manual slew using N/S/E/W controls.  With the Goto Speed in settings set to "Normal", I can slew manually up to the "1/2Mx 1X" rate, with no motor lockup.

So many options here the behavior is hard to describe but hopefully someone can help.  I'd love to here from others with G11 mounts to see what max goto rates your getting?  I thought I saw that others were seeing around 2 deg/s with similar mount/motors/drivers.



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