Re: Affordable Tripod Mounts for Onstep Steps

Howard Dutton

The camera is quite decent for astrophotography.

The lens FL is too long for a beginner and would required a good tracking mount to get decent results, assuming optically it's ok for astro imaging, which I seriously doubt.

Converting the tripod into a goto mount would be a dubious exercise, I already linked to the section with mounts typically converted to goto with OnStep, I will say no more.

A kit lens on the DSLR at 50mm or so can take nice wide field shots sitting on the tripod.  Taking those shots, stacking and processing them would be a valuable learning experience applicable to imaging with a telescope later.  Building a barn-door tracker that sits on that tripod should help take things to another level while spending very little.  Perhaps the zoom kit lens at longer FL would be ok then.  You will then learn about basic polar alignment, tracking, and the how and why of exposure times, ISO settings, RAW image format, etc.

If still serious you can start looking at mounts/telescopes at which point OnStep might be useful to you.

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