Re: Affordable Tripod Mounts for Onstep Steps

Howard Dutton

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 06:04 AM, Peter Dulowsky wrote:
IMHO EQ5 mount is the best budget option. It is sold under various names like Mon2, EXOS2 e.t.c. There are plenty of them in the second hand market. These are sturdy enough and there are 3d printed motor brackets designs available so they are easily OnStep-able.
Exactly, the LX70 I linked is an EQ5 class mount and at $200 new, delivered (here in the us,) a good option I think (for those who can get a hold of it.)  Good starter mounts, economical and sturdy enough to do some imaging with, used are ok provided it has not been abused too much.  Especially nice if you can get your hands on a used Vixen GP or SP but you might very well spend > $200 for it. :)

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