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John Scherer

Hey Drew, I've not tried TinkerCAD but I have done a few things in Freecad.  For me, they way Fusion 360 works makes more sense to me, but I used Solidworks before making the move to Fusion which I think helped.  For the kinds of things I model, Freecad really isn't a choice, either would TinkerCAD I feel. Mostly because of features in Fusion I make use of.  Does Fusion 360 have things I don't like.. sure! like you, I'm not a fan of cloud based applications, but, I've learned to live with it.  Mostly because there are no other options for me, really.  Not with the same or similar feature set

You really have to look at the kinds of things you want to model and their complexity.  If most of your designs are rectangle / circle / hole,etc,  and relatively simple models, then Freecad or TinkerCAD might work fine.  If you find the kinds of things you want to model require the additional functionality of a program like Fusion 350, then by all means, make the jump, just take it SLOW.  I had been using Fusion for about a year before I decided to model the G11 mount.   Where I think Tinkercad will really shine is for people with simple CNC router machines, doing 2.5D cad, and cutting it out on the CNC Router.

As far as using closed-source cad programs in open-source forums like this, I don't see the problem.  Sure Fusion has its proprietary file format, but I can export the design to all the major 3d cad file formats, (step,iges, etc), formats that Freecad can import, and supports well.  In addition I can export a .stl file for use in slicers for 3d printing.  As an example, I also do photography and use Photoshop/Lightroom extensively.  This doesn't make my images proprietary, its how you attribute the work you create.  If I want them to be freely shared, I'll make the license type "Creative Commons" in the image metadata. 

If you ever have question about Fusion, feel free to ask, I'd be glad to help.

On Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 08:30 AM, Drew 🔭📷🚴‍♂️ wrote:
Perhaps someone with more experience with Fusion 360 or TinkerCAD can chime in here. I am only beginning to evaluate the various 3D design products. As far as I can tell TinkerCAD requires the design to be uploaded to Fusion 360 before it can be saved as an independent design file type.

Here is an article on the various file types:

To me the key here is the usefulness of the software vs the ability to store and exchange designs. Proprietary file formats or cloud storage based design locking are a non-starter for me. As I complete my evaluations I will add more comments. After all my 3D printer isn't set to arrive until next Tuesday.  I really can't stand "I have never used it but let me pontificate postss" so I will comment no  further.

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