Anything special needed to use TMC5160 drivers with MiniPCB2

John Scherer

I've got a MiniPCB2 running 3.9b code, with TMC5160 drivers and PKP244MD08B motors running at 12V (until my 24v psu gets here) in a pretty straight forward config.  When I turn on tracking, both RA & DEC motors remain unpowered (I can spin it freely) and no tracking on RA.  Neither motor responds to slewing motion.  If I set AXIS1_DRIVER_STATUS  = TMC_SPI, the SHC reports a driver error.  Drivers get very slightly warm but nothing that I would call odd.  Seems like I'm missing something.  If I didn't know better I'd say my drivers are bad, but this is the third set I've tried, and my TMC2130 drivers work like a champ.

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