Re: Worm gear adjustment EQ3-2


I would suggest that you unscrew the set screws all the way and remove the worm assembly to inspect the spots where the set screws made contact. If the screws had been "over-tightened" (previously) you are likely to see some damage (dings or depressions) at the points where they made contact. These dings would prevent you from adjusting them further because the screws will try to settle back into these ding spots.

It is hard to predict but this is one of my past experiences. I used a tip of a 6" flat file as a scraper tool to level the ding. Luckily the ding was easy to remove. YMMV


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This is the loose end of the worm gear.
Is there even a proper bearing or just a hole in the metal?
All other bearings in this mount are metal to metal. Not a ball bearing in sight.

The other end is held OK

The only adjustment is this set screw. The 4 bolts hold the bottom section in place.

When I tighten the set screw to release the gear and allow it to turn there is a lot of play in the loose end of the worm gear. 
Am I missing something to do with the adjustment procedure?

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