Web Page Formatting


I just started a new topic regarding this, please move if appropriate.

It looks like the site is using all inline styles, there are 2 properties that are interfering with the display width. I can't run a server to live edit the styles, but it appears there is no definition so the width defaults to 100%
If you add: 
<div class "b" style = "width:500px;">
<div class "t" style = "width:500px;">
With this added explorer displays half page, but is plenty large on a computer screen. This should allow smaller screens like phones to display the full width. I'm still looking into this but I don't know enough about how files are stored with this configuration.
A responsive design is possible. Ideally moving all the tags to an external .css file and adding a browser detect script should do it. It is quite a bit of work though and the benefits may not be worth the results.

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