I am looking to buy the stm32 Kit C to use on my ci700 that has Gemini servo motors with 250ppr encoders and the arduino pro mini (with with A4950 motor drivers. This setup would be 180t * 25 * 250 * 4 = 4,500,000 ticks for turn (half of the G11/Gemini setup), I am guessing that is ok.

Few questions:
1. for the arduino pro mini, should I order the 3V or 5V version to use with the bluepill stm32?

If I decide to use stepper motors, looks like one guy used nema 17 (17HS4401) and 16t/40t pulleys with belts, where do i find these parts (links):
2. Motors? 
3. belts/pulleys?

4. What stepper motor driver is most recommended (LV8729)?
5. If you dont have BHC or the SHC, how do you control the mount (align-stars/goto/etc)?

6. Looks like the SHC PCB is not sold anymore, (,  Is there a schematic somewhere?


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