Re: Encoders


Thanks for the replies!
That way, no backlash issues, and it can track Periodic Error, ...etc.And they usually use encoders with much higher resolution.
The RA should never stop or go backward when tracking (aka eastward weight bias keeps the slop in gear-train always in mesh, on the driving side), the 10,000 encoder would be 40,000 quadrature , where the G11/Gemini with 360t * 25(geaqrbox) * 250ppr * 4 (quadrature) equals 9,000,000, or 225x more resolution (in best case). I routinely get 0.25arc/sec RMS guided on my G11 (PEC-OFF with good atmosphere), almost always under 0.5. I have used PemPro and uploaded to my mount, gut it seems my autoguiding maid it unnecessary. I am not attempting to get my ci700 to do the same, but I would hope its around 1arc/sec rms. I bought the ci700 used, I cleaned it up, added the extra bearings, so really its in a unknown state at the moment. 

Regarding PID tuning, I have a couple decades worth tuning PID's, most recently on my quad's (me flying here )

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