Re: Worm gear adjustment EQ3-2

Dave Schwartz

Yes, it is. You have to dismount the motor to get at the adjustment push-pull screws and then rotate the shaft manually until you find, and adjust for, the tightest spot in the axis rotation. There will then be spots where the mesh is looser than ideal but at least the gears won't bind and stall the motor. Such is the price to be paid with this class of machining. There is no such thing as uniform backlash with budget mounts.

On 2019-12-17 2:53 a.m., julianporter5@... wrote:
I found one of the bronze bearings to be quite worn. I’ve put the best bearings on the RA axis.

The worm gear adjustment looks Identical on the Eq5. Is backlash adjustment also problematic with the Eq5?

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