Re: ci700


Regarding steppers, thanks for the 0.9 degree motors! I have never seen these before (only down to 1.8 degree), but I don't play with them much.
You mention low inductance. Since the ci700 is a step above the cge/lxd75 mounts in terms of payload weight capability, I figure go slightly larger (only a couple bucks more each, same size and only 8mm longer).
If you look at the comparisons, the slightly larger one has 1/3rd the inductance/resistance and about twice the current.

But what I am not sure is the voltage, the one you pointed out is 5.4v, but I am thinking your running them at 12v, correct?
The lower inductance is rated at 2.8v, would this work at 5V or 12V? (I have many 5/12V power supplies already and buck converts to get any voltage).
Motors here:

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