Re: ci700

Howard Dutton

On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 01:03 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
Again and anecdotal observation: I found no practical difference between TMC2130 and LV8729 when testing star trails.
I didn't really find a measurable improvement in tracking with my G11 when switching from a DRV8825 to the TMC2130 either.  And that's at 360:1 where you might actually see it.  Not something like say 3240:1 where the gear reduction makes the motor motion control far less critical.  Perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough though.

No model was better than the other tracking wise. The TMC2130 was quieter for sure, but the LV8729 won because of far less heat dissipation.
Since my four mounts use TMC2100's or TMC2130's (both have similar heat dissipation characteristics) I have to say that this was never an issue for me.  My EM10 mount with the MPJA NEMA11 motors, for example, doesn't even have heat-sinks on the drivers.  The much bigger G11 w/ 0.85A motors worked fine back when its controller had stock heat-sinks on the drivers and they never ran "hot."

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