Re: ci700


I found a box of stepper motors:

85x85x66mm 1.8 degree 2.4v 4.5a
56x56x75mm ?? (with driver)
42x42x40mm 1.8 degree 2.8v 2.0A (with encoder / driver)
42x42x23mm 1.8 degree 2.0v 2.0A (with encoder / driver)

The bottom three have some electronics in them, some of the components are:
IRFB4332PbF 42A FET x2
80mΩ current sense resistors x2,
8-Bit Parallel DAC,
ATtiny13 mpu (atmel 0514D),
something that looks like a memory chip (s29al008070tf102) , 
large 270uH inductor plus a couple 47uF caps for LC filter.

If I can't figure out the DB9 connector signals, I could just bypass the electronics and use external driver if needed (but lower 1.8 degree steps).

On Ali I seen this this low cost one (only 32 micro steps)

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