Re: how enter telescope position manually

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 06:38 PM, Dan Sawyer wrote:
Is it possible to enter onstep scope Dec and RA coordinates manually?
Do you mean ask it to slew to an RA/DEC combo, or tell it that it is pointing to a certain RA/DEC combo?

Both are possible, though I assume that you mean the latter, so you can polar align indirectly.

For the first (slew to coordinates), you can use the Android App, select Enter Coordinates, then fill in the values, and OnStep will slew to that place.

For the latter (set coordinates manually), Sync is the function you need, but it is tricky in that to Sync, you need an object to sync on.
If you use a planetarium, you can go to the zenith, then Sync on that point.

I am able to do it from KStars, though other planetariums probably can do the same.

I tried Stellarium Mobile Plus, and it does not have this function when I click the nearest star to the zenith, only Goto. Maybe Sky Safari can do it?

Since your goal is polar alignment, checkout the Refine PA function, which is documented under the Advanced page on the Wiki. Maybe it is all you need.

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