Re: Celestron CGE

John Scherer

Simingx's mount build is exceptional.  He's using a type of gearbox called Harmonic Drive.  Not super common, especially smaller than nema 23, but they have very low to non-existent backlash.  Much harder to put this into a CGE ;-).  Klaus's system is a beauty.  I really like his Newtonian, the TS-Photon with Carbon Fiber tube.

I didn't want to imply that gearbox drive was somehow inherently bad, just that getting a good one (something with lower backlash or periodic error) can be hard with volume produced Chinese imported motors with a cheap gearbox installed.  A well made planetary gearbox can be wonderful but I don't know how well the imports are QC'd, so luck of the draw to some extent.

In the end, converting a telescope mount to Onstep is always unique in some way, and always an exercise in trade-offs.

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