Re: Black-Pill STM32F4 $4 #define


Thanks for the reply. In another post, it "seemed" adding extra stuff (like encoder inputs) in the stm32 was "not" the direction of OnStep, maybe I misread what was wrote.

Anyway, I have a few of the STM32F407vet6 boards, at $10 you really get a lot of functions (rtc, spi-dataflash-4Mbit, SD-card, LCD display-port, a lot of I/O's, few user switches).

On BG site, they have a link to download all kinds of test code for that board, I know its not arduino, but maybe it could be used with some tweaking.
If anyone has time to d/l and take a look.

What about using a low cost gps ($10) connected to Rx/Tx and use the clock from it (since I2C is currently not working in stm32-arduino)?

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