Re: Buying an EQ5

Peter Dulowsky <peter.dulowsky@...>

This is just my experience with polar alignment and OnStep:
I have EQ5 mount with a short tube refractor that I use for visual only. I polar aligned the mount once and marked the position of the tripod legs on the pavement. For each session I just position the tripod legs on those marks and do the 3 star alignment. The error is usually around .5 deg that Onstep can handle rather well. I found no need to re-do polar alignment of the mount for every session.
When I observe away from my home location I don't use the polar scope either. I just level the mount, move the OTA to home position and turn the whole thing as necessary to get the polaris as close as practical to the dot in RDF. Then I do 3 star alignment and all is fine. Since all of my away from home locations are within 30km I do not need to play with altitude adjustment at all.

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