Re: SHC Connection to OnSTEP STM32

Dave Schwartz

That was obviously correct because you're SHC at least powered up when you switched the controller on. The 'Connection Failed' message indicated that the required exchange of signals on two of the control lines did not complete successfully. Common causes are the cable or the resistor networks being missing or having been installed backward. On the STM32 controller PCB, the pad for pin 1 of the device is square (pin 1 of the resistor network device is marked with a dot).

On 2020-01-12 3:27 p.m., helmutliebenau@... wrote:
I am sure that the ST4 cabel is the right one. This cabel was include in my astrocam Alccd.
Pin 1 is 5V and Pin 2 is GND. That I measured before.

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