Re: Buying an EQ5

Mike Ahner

I have a Vixen GP2 and trying to rotate the gears by hand does feel very stiff. The reason for this is normally because they use damping grease, which helps prevent backlash. If you can move both axis/s by hand there is nothing to worry about. Some people tune equatorial mounts by disassembling, cleaning, deburring and reapply grease but I haven't yet felt a need to do so. This seems to be more on the cheaper EQ-5 Chinese made clones rather than the Japanese made Vixens.

I used 16T/48T because that's the smallest I found. I need the clearance to on the RA worm shaft so I can reinstall the plastic housing over the motor, belt and gear assembly. I am going to order 12/36 or maybe test 12T/ 40T something to see if I can get the large pulley closer on the RA shaft. I use G2 belts and at 16T, the pulleys have never slipped. I think the max load of the GP is low enough to not really cause an issue at 3-1.

I haven't been able to test as fully as I'd like, it's too cloudy (duh...) but I can tell you my GP2 is much improved while tracking and of course before I didn't have goto capability so that's the whole reason for converting. Although I currently use a very short focus setup, my tracking has improved dramatically. This weekend is forecast for clear, so I hope to get out under the stars again.


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