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Thanks Khalid. I’m using a Canon 6DM2, it’s a full frame as opposed to a crop sensor. I believe the pixels on the 6D are a bit bigger than the T4i, but there are more if them, probably pretty close. I’ll try to hit that 28,800 mark and see how it goes. I’ve got some concerns about the inefficiency of my mount. Are you using the PEC with your photography? Do you think that should be a priority to get some decent results?

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I purchased a different set of GT2 gears for a better drive ratio on my Vixen GP. I had purchased a couple of the TMC2130s before doing research that unfortunately for me were the wrong version. I was unable to solder those really small jumpers on the bottom.
Soldering of these tiny components is very hard. Requires a steady hand, good eyesight, magnifier and experience.
Average people would like to avoid doing it, unless there is no other choice.

With the 3.16 OnStep release, if I’m reading correctly the correct driver would improve performance with using SPI? My question being is it enough of an improvement over the LV8729s to warrant buying them? 
SPI itself does not give an advantage.
What gives an advantage is all the Trinamic TMCxxxx drivers have 1/256 intepolation.
So if you select 1/16, it will internally divide them to 1/256 giving finer motion.

However, that may not be needed at all.

It depends on your steps per degree, as well as your pixel scale (focal length and camera sensor).
If steps per degree is high enough, and/or pixel scale is coarser, then it does not matter if it is a TMC or LV8279 (or S109 for higher amps).
If steps per degree is is low, and/or pixel scale is finer, then the TMC may have an edge due to interpolation.

I am using a fine pixel scale (0.47"/pixel = 1310 mm focal length and Canon T4i/650D) with 28,800 steps/degree, and the LV8729 performs beautifully. I could not detect any difference between it and the TMC2130 (other than silence).

If the Watterott brand is the preferred variety I’ll spend the money, although the link from the wiki is in a different currency than USD, not sure what they actually cost. The page also mentions BigTreeTech which seems to be pretty reasonable cost wise. Basically I’d want TMC2130 V3.0 with SPI and all of the pins on the bottom? (For price comparisons)
The eBay/AliExpress/Amazon non-Watterott drivers have been proven to work.
The problem is that there are many versions, some with SPI and some without.
Some have pins up only, some have pins up down only some have both up and down.
Some look like they have all what is required, but two extra pins show that they are SPI or not.
And depending on your board, you may need a certain.
Yes, there are too many variations, and yes, it is confusing, even to me.

Note that there is no shipping from China on many items.
I ordered a switch and did not get the shipping notice for about 10 days. I contacted the seller and they said the workers can't go to the warehouse. He will refund.

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