Re: TMC2130

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 04:05 PM, Joe wrote:
If my goal is to achieve 28800 steps per degree, I’m using 16 & 40 teeth gears with a 144 worm I get: 128M/S 51200SPD, 64=25600, 32=12800. Is 128M/S ok for the LV8729 .9 steppers?
You probably do not need 28,800, and 12,800 is sufficient, given your pixel scale.
See my previous reply in this same thread for details.

The slew rate is another story. The first time I set this up was using Khalids calculator and his auto generated Config.h file.
The online configuration generator applies to 2.22 only.

I see that the MaxRate is now DesiredBaseSlewRate. If the STM32 is 20 you enter that number in the Config.h file
If you are using 3.16, then it is SLEW_RATE_BASE_DESIRED, and with 400 step motors, and 1/32 microsteps, you should not have a problem with 3.0 degrees/second.

and also add a lower number in Microsteps_Goto or just leave it blank?
Try first with AXISx_DRIVER_MICROSTEPS_GOTO set to OFF, and see if 3 deg/sec is adequate. It probably is.
If not, then try 4 or 8 for that value.
Again, all this is 3.16.

I’ve tried multiple combinations and am getting painfully slow skew rates or bad noises and skipping from the steppers.
That means the motor is stalling. Try the above (OFF then 4 or 8) and see if things work. Again, with 3.16.

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