Re: MiniPCB2 bunches of weirdness

Dennis Hurlbut

On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 06:08 AM, Dave Schwartz wrote:
A chattering motor with no torque could mean a motor wiring problem to do with the phase connections. Steppers don't work well if only one coil gets energized - they just sit there and jiggle. They might move oddly/noisily if the coil pulse is great enough to move the rotor from one magnetic detent to another but it would not do anything near what would be intended.
This makes sense. I was re-building my connectors because the motor came with 3 ft of wire. One went well, the other has not even after two attempts. I'm going to move to breakout boards for the RJ45s.
If you get the SHC logo coming up it means your power and ground are coming in on the right wires and thus your cable stands a good chance of being correct. It probably says 'Establishing connection' and 'Connection failed' before it goes blank (which is normal after connection failure. This would mean the controller and SHC aren't properly handshaking over some of the signal lines and the most probable cause of that is a missing or installed-backwards resistor network.

I believe I have both connected correctly (pic attached). I checked the cable, and each wire has between 5 and 7 tenths of an ohm resistance end to end. I'm also checking whether the RJ12 jacks are soldered on well.


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