Re: MiniPCB2 bunches of weirdness

Dennis Hurlbut

On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 11:50 AM, Dennis Hurlbut wrote:
Watching the RA on the screen when I change DEC, the RA increases when I press N and decreases when I press S, so the board is aware that the RA axis is moving at same time as DEC

I realized DEC was up at +89 degrees. I remember seeing something in another post about RA behaving a little funky near the pole. I reduced DEC to around 78, and RA appears to be stable there.

Still going to go over the solder joints tonight.

Edit: I did the above test with the SHC with no motor's connected. With motors connected, the RA noise is still there at 78 degrees.

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