Re: OnStep is making news

Peter Dulowsky <peter.dulowsky@...>

On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 01:03 AM, Prasad wrote:
I remember reading that someone has modified (adopted) OnStep source code to suit his hardware.  Each such person may be thinking that his idea is better than anything else and makes his own little changes to create a new version (of hardware and related software). Not nice. 
Well, I disagree. I was missing a reading light in my SHC and RTC in Teensy based mini PCB. So I modified the hardware and software. I offered the software changes to Howard. He decided they were useful and now this code is there for everyone.

In the same way I wanted a battery monitoring and low battery alarm. The hw mods were much greater than in the previous case so Howard decided not to merge my code. Fair enough. I ended up with my own fork. So with every major change in the source code I need to take about an hour to carefully merge the changes. However, I still have my own battery monitoring. And that's important!

Without having open source code I would be stuck with what the manufacturer sells me. I was there with Meade Autostar. Believe me, I would not go back. 

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