Re: Simple smart hand controller

Dave Schwartz

The resistor networks are 2.2K (2K would also work). You can use discrete resistors by tying one end of each to the common pin (pin 1... the square pad) and then then other ends into the individual round pad. The idea is that the resistance is 2.2K between the square pad and each round pad.

The other issue is that the ESP32S SHC PCB on EasyEDA is designed for a 5-way pushbutton in the center ... not something everyone is likely to have lying around.

Your schematic shows a .98" display but the 1.3" is much more legible for very little extra cost. Some people are starting to use the 2.4" display but I don't think there's a compelling case for it because its much more expensive but doesn't provide much more in terms of legibility (and the resolution is no better so it's not like you can cram more info on it).

On April 8, 2020 2:38:39 PM EDT, Khalid Baheyeldin <kbahey@...> wrote:
I don't know if 4.7K are enough or not. Dave Schwartz will answer this.
But a resistor array can be made from discrete resistors.
For example:
For the SHC, you need a display too, and buttons.
All the parts are on the BOM of the EasyEDA project.

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