Re: DEC after flip

Howard Dutton

"Strange" pointing problems can be caused by not configuring OnStep's site (Latitude, Longitude, UTC Offset) and Time correctly.

If those are correct and the motion still isn't right OnStep's Config.h file has settings to reverse each axes direction of motion....

To determine if each axis is moving in the proper direction I use a planetarium program and "zoom in" on the NCP area then do short gotos left-right of the pole (at an hour angle of +6 or -6) and watch to be sure the mount mimics those motions to verify Declination is correct.  Once that is done and working I do a goto further away from the pole and up into the visible sky toward the Zenith a bit.  If the 'scope starts to point up, RA is correct.  If it points down, RA is reversed.

Sometimes folks misconfigure the steps per degree values in Config.h and that leads to bad pointing also so if all else fails double check those figures also.

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