Re: Simple smart hand controller

Dave Schwartz

Yes, your example where you have the N from the momentary switch (pushbutton) connected to the N input pin on the ESP32S and also to N on the resistor network is correct. I won't explain the function of the pull-up resistors - you can look it up it you need to know more. The 7-resistor network is for the pushbuttons, the 4-resistor network is for the auxiliary RJ12 (guider pass-through) jack performing the same function as those resistors in the controller. If you're not going to need the pass-through function you can leave off the 4-resistor network and RJ2.

Typically we don't draw all the lines between the points in a multiply-connected circuit on the schematic because it gets very messy very quickly. Its a convention that every point identified by the same-labelled pentagon shape is somehow connected in the same 'net' by the traces of the PCB. It tends to leave a bunch of seemingly-disconnected parts but makes sense once you understand the convention.

On 2020-04-08 4:04 p.m., wrote:
Hello, Dave and thanks for the quick answer!
I understood about the resistors, but is my exemplary wiring (N) correct?
One more question, sorry, which socket (RJ12) is for the ST4 connector on the onstep... I think RJ1.
I think this wiring from Khalid works without the 5-way switch and yes a 1.3" is much better.
Happy Easter, despite covid...

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