Re: Autoguiding questions ...

Alex F

On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 10:58 AM, Dave Schwartz wrote:
Last night I found that turning on the PHD2 'RA only' flag in the
Advanced settings, Global tab really helped my DEC guiding.
I've read that RA only dithering can lead to 'walking noise' in one direction on the final image stack as fixed pattern noise gets smeared back and forth over the same image area again and again which is especially prevalent in DSLR images. Found an example here. Worth a try though as it's largely down to the sensor being used and keeping out of that DEC backlash eliminates a lot of problems.

RA RMS stayed over double that because of the constantly running motor and gear train. You could also see the jittery effects of quick seeing changes (on the order of scintillation timescales) as well as larger, longer-lasting excursions due to slower, large-scale twists and turns happening in the atmosphere
The last clear night I had last week and had such bad seeing from a strong jet stream I didn't even set the telescope up in the end. Must be nice in to be on top of Mauna Kea or Las Campanas sometimes! Maybe some adaptive optics would be worth it if I suddenly found an Anglo-saxon hoard in the garden...

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