A couple of issues, I cannot find answers.

John Petterson

I am running into some issues today.

First - I cannot set the time in the Onstep.  When I try from the Ascom driver on the PC, I get a popup that says "The Ascom driver report an error. No such interface supported".  And I cannot find anywhere in the Android app or the web browser interface that lets me set the time, if there is a way to do that  please tell me where.

Second - I keep getting the location set to someplace approximately half way around the world from Chicago (+88 degrees instead of -88 degrees.)  The time gets translated to about 11 hours after my current time (the GMT time is close, just about 10 minutes off).  Both the Onstep web browser and the Android app say west is + degrees, but we know that is wrong - see https://latitudelongitude.org/us/chicago/for an example.  When I can get it to accept that, my gotos are reasonable.  But when it makes it +88 degrees, it tells me anything I want to go to is below the horizon (except circumpolar stars, which it goes 180 degrees away from their locations).

And one bit of good news - I found a few switches today and wired up a simple hand controller, it works fine.  It confused me at first because it kept going back and forth when I pressed the North button consecutively - until I figured out it was just going past due north and then going back past it again...  And again.



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