LV8729 and OnStep

Gilberto Nunes

Hi there

I about to change the driver step from DRV8825 to LV8729.
What kind of changes to I need to do in that spreadsheet in order to makethis driver work properly?
Currently I am using:

Do I need to change microsteps to 128 both in spreadsheat and in the config.h?

Other question is about the Vref.
I saw an old thread from Khalid(*), that the LV8729 there's two version: one with R100 and one with R220. Mine is R220, v1.0 and FYS write in the back of the driver.
My motors is a nema 17 4kgf 17hs4401. So apparently the rated current is 1.7.
That make wonder if the formula bellow is ok:

Vref = 1.7 * 1.1
Vref = 1.87

I hope I can learn more about this things ith you guys...

Thanks a lot

Gilberto Nunes Ferreira

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