Re: Ali Express issue

Peter Dulowsky <peter.dulowsky@...>

On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 10:13 PM, Joe wrote:
I haven’t seen it yet, but do order quite a bit off AliExpress. To date I have 3 packages that were very late so I emailed them. They said due to Covid everything is late, I said ok.
Now the dispute time has expired and there isn’t even a link to post feedback anymore. It’s like the order never existed. So I’m out the $$$ and no item... It’s been 4+ months on 1 item.
This has happened to me too. The seller said he sorry the package has been delayed and asked me to wait a bit longer. Then the time for dispute expired, I was not even able to post any kind of feedback and as you said, it appeared like the order never existed. But the money left my bank account and I got nothing. I do not trust AliExpress at all. I rather use the other website where the buyer gets some real protection against frauds like that.

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