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Hi Gintautas,

very nice work!

I like the solution for the gear housing, cheap, light and easily accessible.

I am planing to make a fixed station also and your work gives me some ideas about on how to realize the concrete pier.


Le 08/04/2018 à 22:21, Gintautas Drazdauskas a écrit :

Hi there,
I am Gintautas from Lithuania.
At first I want to say a lot of thanks and to pay obeisance to the Howard, Khalid and everyone who collaborate creating and developing the Onstep project. It is fantastic.
I have followed Howard's "stellarjourney" more than a year. Had tested a while Onstep on Mega2560 with Bluetooth but had hesitate to start building controller because did not have a mount. Now I use a dobson mount on the equatorial platform.
But almost a year ago I was lucky enough to buy a pair of 190 mm diameter 359 teeth worm wheels with worms for a very, very good price. So I had no another choice than to build a mount.
So I have had to get more deeply acquainted with mechanics (I am electronic engineer) and have obtained a lot of new skils and knowledge. I have created a drawings and ordered the parts in a local workshop.
And, of course, I needed a controller. So have built the Onstep controller.
And finally, yesterday evening, was the first field test of the mount and controller. Of course it was just a first test and there are a couple of things to improve or finish. But I am happy it works, motors are capable to drive a load (track and slew). For the test I have used the Alpha branch.
Basic elements are:
OTA is Skywatcher 254/1200
Onstep built on MaxPCB v 1.11,
Teensy 3.6,
ESP8266 ( it is Chinese Ebay stuff, so there is some problems uploading firmware through Teensy, so I use upload via USB/serial adaptor),
Drivers for RA/DEC Chinese Ebay TMC2130 (had to modify the boards as per Pedro post
Drivers for the Focusers - DRV8825 (have used them at the first tests for RA and DEC on the table).
Motors for RA/DEC are 17HM15-0904S.
Motor PSU - 24V
Gear ratio motor pulley to worm pulley 1,72413793103448 (15 to 26 teeth T2.5 ), worm wheel 359 teeth.
For now I use "'Stellarium" and "Stellarium scope" for navigation.
The Onstep has started to work from the first software upload and power up.
If there was any problem - it was related to the my mistakes in configuration only (at least till now).
It works using PC and Android either as well as ASCOM drivers.
I hope I will enjoy after I will finish it.

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