Re: Showcase: Built With OnStep

Gintautas Drazdauskas

I do not know they had been machined in sequence or not. I have got everything wrapped in to a bubble packaging film as separate pieces.
It is not a gap problem. I do not know how to explain it in english but it is something like of a pivot construction problem. One side of the worm holder is mounted on the pivot axis, another side is pushed by the spring to the wheel side. And if the wheel is rotated to that spring side (by hand, or when the load balance changes direction) it pushes the worm and worm goes a little bit down. If I apply more tension to the spring then worm would stick. Yesterday I have got a consultation form the real precision mechanical engineer at my home (what a destiny - yesterday we have met very first time at the neighbours picnic). So he assured me to fix the holder at the correct position after I will measure eccentricity of the wheel. I will try.

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