Re: OnStep / ASCOM - Realtime Telescope Position - 3D Visualization Software (free)


"TeleViz" - is almost ready for beta release!
I finished up some file saving stuff today (playing hookie from work), and I belie everything is 100% ready.  I have add the ability to swap between 4 telescope layouts. They are all saved in a single config.ini file that can be renamed / shared, ect. 
I have tried to make it VERY easy to use, and it is 100% configurable (right down to every color of every object).
Considering I started it last Friday morning, and spent Friday night observing, I don't think its too bad for a few days of hard work.  But I'm sure there are still a lot of little things that will pop up and bugs to get squashed. This is still just what I would consider the beginning for what I want to do.....aka texture mapping to make parts look real, and contact detection (which I think will be fun to do but have gotten sidetracked with stupid colors and inputboxes). 

Anyway, the core is done, hopefully people will find it useful.

I am making a video tutorial for this tonight, and then I will post everything probably tomorrow.

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