Re: GPS compile error with MKS Gen L1

Howard Dutton

On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 01:43 PM, Howard Dutton wrote:
I'm sure I could code around this issue, but I'm not going to since to do it properly would take serious time and effort and this is dated h/w.
Ok... went and thought about this for a moment and I changed my mind, there really is no problem and it should work.

Until recently it could perhaps cause timing jitter/performance issues (Mega2560) but that should no longer be the case with code improvements to GPS I recently added.  We turn on the Serial interface for just long enough to grab the data and turn it off again.  Provided Arduino handles that properly, and it's a good bet it does, this should work.

The compile error you see is a collision of the interrupt vector for my custom serial class vs. the Arduino built in class.  Turn off my built in class and no collision.

So if using Serial1 for GPS turn off SerialB, this is required anyway since you can't have a command channel tied to the GPS serial interface:

#define SERIAL_B_BAUD_DEFAULT         OFF //   9600, n. See (src/HAL/) for your MCU Serial port # etc.                        Option

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