Re: Problem connecting to wemos d1 mini pro with android devices

Howard Dutton

On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 02:39 AM, <schinos@...> wrote:
I will try what you suggested and report back.
I see you trying a bunch of things to solve a problem that you alone, AFAIK, have encountered.  This works for many users on many devices, the play store says my App is active on 1281 devices presently and I bet > 50% use WiFi.

The idea here is to start at the beginning.  Reset/clear everything.  OnStep and the phone you are trying to connect to.  Additionally, the master branch WiFi has new code that streamlines the connection process that some users trip over so you will be using new code.  Which is a good thing and a bad thing since release-3.16 is tried and true, just connecting can be a bit clumsy (you have to not automatically connect and wait for OnStep to come up beforehand.)

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