Re: Problem connecting to wemos d1 mini pro with android devices


Hi Howard,

I basically believe that also, that is that i have done something "unique" exactly because no one else has had this problem so far.
I hope that is not something stupid enough to say we have thrown so many hours to the garbage.
Those are the reasons why i have tried all the above.
To the matter now: i have downloaded the latest master and changed in the ONSTEP config all setting relevant to my setup but not baud rates. In the wifi config nothing was changed. All flashed successfully and the esp8266 board firmware was left to 2.4.2
Flashing blue led for 35 - 42 seconds (average).
First attempt to connect with the mobile device accepted the passphrase but stuck on "Obtaining IP Address" were after a while it just dropped trying and connected to me home ssid. The rest hand triggered retries to connect to the wifi went form "Connecting" to "Saved" again and again.
The second mobile device never even moved form the passphrase screen saying "could not connect to network" but on the wifi list it said "Authentication error occurred". I tried powering off and on again Maxpcb2 but same results.

Then downloaded firmware 2.7.2 and reflashed the wemos board.
More or less the same time flashing blue until solid.
None of the mobile device accepted the passphrase. The first mobile device reappeared the passphrase screen after i entered it for the first time. Consecutive MaxPCB power off and on did not change the behavior.

Is there a way to get extended wifi debug info from the wemos just in case something stands out and points to the problem?

Thank you very much

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