Grant Mussman

I am having some trouble getting Park to work.  I am running onstep release 2.22 and using the mini PCB, connecting via Bluetooth and using the android app.
I am using an equatorial Mount. 

My procedure is to power everything up, perform an align, the use the guide/center function to get the mount into an acceptable park position, and hit “set park”.  I’m my case the park position is rotated so the scope and the counterweight are flat across the RA, with the scope to the west, and the scope pointed parallel to the ground.

After I do that, if I try to unpark and goto, say M39, the Mount stops somewhere around the home position, Which it shouldn’t have even gone past to get to M39.  It’s an older version of the app, not sure if that matters.  Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m sticking at home for some reason or if the alignment is just way off.

Am I using the correct procedure to set park position?  

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