Re: Has anyone put Onstep on a Losmandy AZ8?

John Petterson

Thanks Christoph. 

I do intend to build my own, having already 3D printed motor mounts for the GM8 mount these look like they will bolt onto the AZ8.  I am also building the controller electronics box, I used the MKS Gen L for the first trial but now have received some FYSETC S6 boards so it is time to build a couple of those controllers.

Your motors look like they were bolted directly on to the end of the worms - they lacked clearance that way?  I intend to use pulleys and GT2 belts, so that should not be an issue for me (although I did go through 6 generations of the printed motor brackets for the GM8 - bad design work on my part!).  I am also not having issues connecting to the wifi option on the homebuilt wifi boards.  I am sorry your system was a problem.


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