Re: Failed to init device yet again

Gerry Byrne

Thanks, I'll get down to that now. BTW, if I have time I was also going to install Arduino and Onstep on an old Laptop and try flashing from that as a way of eliminating hardware problems in my newer (or should I say, less old!) laptop. Will that combo work on Windows XP?

On 17/07/2020 13:18, Drew 🔭📷🚴 ♂ wrote:
Redoing the OnStep directory is the first thing you should have done. Save your Config.ino file in a safe place and delete the OnStep directory. Download and unzip the latest OnStep Master and install it to the Arduino directory. Rename the directory to OnStep and copy your saved Config.ino over the existing one. That is all you should need to do.

There are several versions of the CP210x driver out there. Please do  a screen shot of the driver tab. There are some issues with specific chips and driver versions.

You should not ever need to fool around with the speed settings, restore them  to default. The driver migration message and the incomplete installation messages may or may not be part of the problem. Often with Windows 10 these errors just indicate problems with the driver writers following Windows 10 code methods and the drivers are fine.

Do the above, we are getting there.


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