Re: SHC with OLED 0.9" no display

Dave Schwartz

Aside from the first being in mixed case and the other two being spelled incorrectly (and I hope they are not also commented out as you have in your message), the SSD1306 should work as long as the pins on the display module are in the correct order.

The pin order of most modules I have seen is GND/VCC/SCL/SDA but there are some with VCC/GND/SCL/SDA order.

You don't say what type of SHC it is, ESP32-based or Teensy-based. The ESP32 can accommodate either order by using the jumpers on either side of the display connector (the paragraph in the ESP32 SHC Assembly instructions above the picture of the PCB with these jumpers circled in red tells you how). The Teensy-based SHC can only use modules with the GND/VCC/SCL/SDA order although some modules that have the other order can be changed to this order by rearranging some soldered jumpers on the back.

On 2020-07-17 3:15 a.m., Kokoro San wrote:
Hi guys.. was adding OLED 0.96" SSD1306"  display was not light up, but the ESP32S is able to upload code and it also have red light ones ST4 was plug in to Onstep. any idea what missing...

//define Display_OLED  SSD1306
//define SERIAL_INTERFAE  SerialST4
//define SERIAL_BUD_DEFAULT 9600

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