Re: Problem connecting to wemos d1 mini pro with android devices

Howard Dutton

On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 09:56 AM, Howard Dutton wrote:
I'm getting to the point where I don't like either change and may very well revert to the original design.
Hopefully with disconnect calls early in the boot so users don't get to join the AP before they should.
The master branch has been reverted to the WiFi initialization order as used with release-3.16 (and 2.22 I'm pretty sure.)  It seems to be the most trouble free overall.

I also added the early disconnect at startup since I feel there are some troubles and confusion caused by connecting to the WiFi before it's really ready.
With the prior design the WiFi/SSID comes up immediately and looks good when powered on but the ESP hasn't connected to OnStep yet and the WiFi mode will still be re-configured later.  When it does that re-configuration anything that's connected remains connected but stops working.

Now at boot it turns the AP mode off/disconnects so there is nothing to connect to until it's ready.  So, with this change as soon as you see the OnStep SSID it's good to connect to.  As for the ESP libraries it's 2.7.2 with possible fixes but not well tested/proven vs. the tried and true version 2.4.2 take your pick.  Other versions exist but these are the two most trusted ones as far as I'm concerned.

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