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George Cushing

There is a group but I see no messages or other activity. 

Pretty sure Instein's controllers were all Mega2650 based. If my experience with the success of the OnStep concept means anything. Instein could have easily got over-whelmed with orders.

I accepted Khalid's offer to take over distribution of the STM32 kits last August or September. Since then over 260 STM32 PCBs have left here. Most were complete kits may 20 PCBs only and a dozen assembled. Knowing China likes to go away for a month during Lunar New Year I had built up my parts inventory before Covid hit. But I went though that in about 7 weeks and the supply chains have only just started to function again. Just got a some pulleys order about 5 months ago.

I had also built up a small inventory of parts for the MiniPCBv2 as due to an error in a PCB order I had 150 PCBs for them. My mistake turn into a blessing as it gave me something to offer folks during the drought. As the Teensys come from PJRC a U.S. supplier, I can get an order filled in 3-4 days. I usually order 10 at a time. They last about the same number of days. Somewhere between 30-35 have gone out.

I'm shipping STM32s again, but keeping the RTCs in stock is touch and go. I have a pending order made May 13 from OZ with DHL shipping, don't have any idea where that is. Another pending since 6/23 that's still in China and one that was made 7/2 that's 30 miles down the road. so it's safe to say orders are arriving in inverse order of the dates they were made. Jia Li Chuang, which supplies the PCBs has never faltered to deliver in under 10 days.

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