OnStep Configuration Generator lives on ...

Khalid Baheyeldin

The OnStep Configuration Generator is now updated to work with 3.16 (stable) and 4.x (latest master).

This update was done because some people still struggle with the syntax of the configuration file, despite the format of the configuration file from version 3.x onwards was vastly improved to make it more friendly. The users who struggle with the format have no programming experience, and it is difficult to explain that it is case sensitive, it is one argument per #define line, and so on ...

The OCG does the following:
  • Asks for the version of OnStep that you are using.
  • Asks for the two gear ratios, motor steps per rotation, microsteps, ...etc. (same values from the spreadsheet)
  • Calculates the most important parameters to get you going, and validates them as per the spreadsheet formulas.
  • Sets some useful parameters to enabled.
  • Leaves a lot of the remaining parameters unconfigured, as they are in the original Config.h file.
There is no point in supporting version 2.2 or earlier, because it no longer the stable version, and new users will be using the stable or latest master.

The Configuration Generator is now online, and instructions are at the top of the page.

This is a video demonstrating the generator step by step, although for the older versions. The principles are still the same.

Your feedback is welcome.

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